What’s in store in 2015 in the Cloud?

January 12, 2015

Move your business into the cloud

Are you still going into the office and going about your business working a 9-5 work day?  If you are, you are well in the minority.

Remember it’s 2015, and the times have changed.

The cloud has completely revolutionised the way we store and process our business information and inevitably how we work and conduct our business and our lives. From accounting to payroll, to point-of-sale and data storage – for most workers, the ability to work remotely is no longer a concept, but a reality.

For any business owners who have yet to convert their business to the cloud, I would only say “what are you waiting for”?

In my experience some business owners are just plain afraid – yes it’s the unknown, yes it means doing business somewhat differently and yes it means you and your team need to upskill.  However, most businesses whether they like it or not are going to be working in the cloud to some extent by the end of 2015.

Take the ATO for example, not the fastest people to react to change but they are in the process of phasing out the pink Activity Statements that we’ve been using to complete our monthly or quarterly BAS since 2000.  They are forcing all business owners to move to cloud based digital BAS by the end of this year.

If you complete a tax return in Australia, you are now required by the government to have an online ‘mygov’ account. This cloud based software is an attempt to store all your government accounts and access to government online services in one place. i.e. Medicare, Centrelink, e-health record system amount others.

Even my milkman takes my order over the cloud!!

David Cearley, VP and Gartner Fellow said recently “Cloud computing is a major technology trend that has permeated the market over the last two years. It sets the stage for a new approach to IT that enables individuals and businesses to choose how they’ll acquire or deliver IT services, with reduced emphasis on the constraints of traditional software and hardware licensing models,”

“Cloud computing has a significant potential impact on every aspect of IT and how users access applications, information and business services.” http://www.itbusinessedge.com

From my point of view, Accounting is the perfect example of what can be achieved through the cloud.  It creates seamless workflow opportunities, anywhere, anytime.  Seriously, who wants to be chained to your desk to do your bookkeeping when you can reconcile your daily bank statements, send out a few invoices and check your monthly revenue all while you are waiting for the traffic light to change.

From a timing perspective, there’s also a misconception that converting your systems across is a long and arduous process. The reality is quite the contrary. Changes and software updates can happen in milli-seconds – no more all weekend technology roll-outs (and overtime for the IT staff to complete it).

The rewards for taking the plunge are immense: analytics at your fingertips, connectivity to all of your staff, and live-updates of important changes.  The working week ceases to be ruled by 9-5 routines, traffic issues and schedules.  Whether it is for the good or bad, we don’t just leave our work the office any more. Work is accessible 24/7 and every worker becomes a micro-office.

These changes are simple to make, innovative, rewarding and seriously, if you don’t take the plunge sooner or latter you’ll be dragged into the future by the upswing of modern technology.

We have helped many of our clients move into the cloud over the past 2 years, assisting with the transition and helped them explore the benefits of working in the cloud.  So what are YOU waiting for?

Nerilee Gregory, OneCloud Accounting


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